Indoor Air Quality Measurements

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Microbial Testing is utilized to determine bacteria and fungi organisms and their concentrations in the indoor environment. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing is often used after water damage has occurred and to validate if remediation has been effective.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Airsense Environmental Lab provides air quality advice at the earliest stages of your project to ensure potential impacts are identified and mitigated during the planning stage. Airsense can offer expert advice on air quality assessment against recognized local, national and international air quality standards, across a wide range of industrial, commercial and private developments.

Your health, comfort and productivity are our main priority, and we are focused on providing our clients with solutions….not sales pitches! We know safe air, and we know about how poor indoor air quality within your Hamilton home or business can impact your day to day activity, productivity and quality of life.  Don’t let hidden airborne pollutants have a bearing on your health.  The certified and experienced team of air quality testing consultants at Air Quality Solutions will work with you to understand the contents of your indoor air in an effort to provide you with the recommendations needed to eliminate any contaminants from your environment and restore your space to a safe and healthy place.

Why Airsense East Africa

As your local air quality testing experts, we offer years of professional experience and knowledge with ever air quality testing assessment we perform. We have become an industry leader for both residential and commercial air quality testing in Kenya, and our highly skilled team of accredited professionals can help you test and CARE for the air you breathe.  Give us a call today and speak to one of our professional air quality testing consultants for a FREE phone conversation.




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