Imara Steel Mills Limited

Name of Client:
Imara Steel Mills Ltd - Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya
Industrial & Manufacturing

Lakeoil Plaza, Lunga Lunga Road, 6th Floor Room 6C

Tel: +254 711 676 097
Tel: +254 717 207 408

Client Descritpion

Imara steel mill is an industrial plant for the manufacture of steel located in Isinya, Kenya.
Our company has total local ownership and was established in 2001 as a labour contractor operating in Nairobi. Thereafter, with inclusion of professionals in our management and ownership, the company gradually expanded both in nature of projects being undertaken, profit wise and fixed assets. We now have well-rounded professional team and office located along Eastern By-pass – Opposite GSU Shooting Range, Nairobi.

Actual Description of Service Provided

Airsense East Africa provided the following services; Stack Emissions Testing and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring